Coppell North Middle School Athletics


Lady Cougars SWEEP in Season Opener vs. Adams Middle School


CMS North Girls Athletic Coaches | 11/12/2021

Basketball season has begun! The Coppell Middle School North Girls Basketball teams were pumped about their games against Adams Middle School this week with both 7th and 8th grade wins from all three teams across both grade levels. Congrats on the SWEEP ladies!

8th Grade started off the night with a win from C team, 22-17! With 10 points in the first quarter these girls were in it to win it. Player of the game is Sophia Taylor with 8 points, 2 steals and great leadership. We are lucky to have you Sophia!

Next, the B Team brought the hype, winning 32-12. We are proud of them for their hustle and determination. Player of the game is Kelsey Clark for her high energy, positivity, and court awareness. Kelsey scored 8 points, and had 2 steals, and 3 rebounds. Awesome job, Kelsey!

We finished off the night with a win from A Team 40-30. This team is very dynamic, quick, and super fun to watch! Player of the game is Neerali Kapadia with 12 points and 8 steals. Neerali is dynamite when she hits the court... great job! Excited to watch this group this season.

Our 7th Grade Girls opened up their season at Adams Middle School. C Team started off the season strong with a win against Adams, ending the game with a score of 18-15. Although they started off on fresh legs then soon found their footing by the second quarter. By setting up solid press breaks, and rebound recovery C Team made North Cougars proud. Player of the game goes to the Tiny but Mighty Caroline MacMillan for her fast breaks and consistent shooting helped bring her team to victory.

B Team followed up with the second win of the evening settling in at a comfortable 30-23. Adams put up a fight the first two quarters with an 8 point lead. The lady Cougars quickly recovered and put the pressure on Adams, their quick game play and fast breaks sealed the win. This week Anna Phillips takes home the title of Player of the Game. Staying in for almost all 4 quarters. Her speed and agility went toe to toe with Adams' top player, Anna’s endurance paid off in the end securing B Team’s first game of the season.

Adams didn’t stand a chance against our very own North Cougars. Our Player of the Game, Jayci Lackey, scored her team 22 out of a total 36 points. A team took home the 3rd win of the night with a score of 36-10. They played a solid, cohesive game achieved by their ability to think on their toes and communicate effectively with each other. Watching them play one would never have thought it was their first game together. It was a joy to see them play as a team and showcase a promising season for the Coppell North Cougars.