Coppell North Middle School Athletics


North v. Indian Springs


North Coaches | 10/21/2022

Tonight your North Cougars hosted Indian Springs. The first game of the night were the C teams! North’s C team came out ready to play from the opening whistle and never looked back. North was communicating, moving, and playing amazingly in every aspect of the game. North easily won two straight sets, to give North their first win for the night. The player of the game goes to Yalini Muthukumar. Yalini played all around for North and was amazing in every aspect of the game!

Next up were the B teams! North and Indian Springs went back and forth to start the game but North took the advantage and never looked back! North wins the first set. North started off slow in the second set giving Indian Springs an 8-1 advantage. However, North battled back and took the lead 20-19. North never lost the lead again to defeat Indian Springs in two straight sets! The player of the game goes to Anna Croley with amazing sets and even better serves!

Last up were the A teams as North looking for a clean sweep of Indian Springs. North and Indian Springs had a back-and-forth first set that North was able to squeeze a victory out of! The second set was no different than the first to start the game. However, North was able to play amazing team ball and bull ahead of Indian Springs and never look back! The players of the game go to Hailey Chew for being an excellent leader and amazing court play and Logan Kutchins for a great job in the back row! Her passes were amazing!

Thursday night, your 7th grade North Cougars traveled to Indian Springs. The C teams were up first, and ready to play! In the first set, Indian Springs won 16-25. In the second set, your cougars fought hard and played really well!! Unfortunately, they fell short again and lost the second set 18-25. The players of the game this week for C team are Kimberly Saavedra Acosta and Varsha Pazhayidathu. Kimberly was a constant encouragement to her teammates and was consistently confident throughout the game. She led the team well this game. Next up, Varsha was setting beautiful balls to her hitters!! She moved her feet to set every second ball, and constantly communicated with her teammates. We are so proud of you Varsha and Kim!

Next up were the B teams, ready to play after cheering on the C team. Your North Cougars played an incredible game! They were confident and determined to control the court with a bump, set, and hit! In the first set, your B team played hard but fell short 22-25 in a nail-biting match! In the next set, they unfortunately fell short again and lost 17-25. They fought hard and filled the gap of a big lead! The B team player of the game this week is Madison Moore. Madison is an essential player on our team. She has an awesome swing and control of the ball. We are so proud of you Madison!

Last up were the A teams, prepared for a difficult game- but ready to play. Your 7th grade A team played an incredible game. They fought their hearts out! In the first set, they played a close game but fell short 19-25. In the second set, your cougars won 25-16! The crowd was pumped- and your A team was prepared for the third set. Unfortunately, they fell short in the last set 15-7. We are so proud of your hard work A team. The player of the game this week for A team goes to Morgan Proctor! Morgan owned her title of Libero this week and did not let a single ball hit the court! She was aggressive and confident, leading her team well. We are ready to vs Keller next week in our final game of the season! Let’s go Cougars!