Coppell North Middle School Athletics


North v. West


North Coaches | 12/16/2022

Last Thursday we play Coppell Middle School West. Unfortunately, West did not have a C team so there was not a C team game. First up, B team, who started off strong and jumped out to an 8-0 lead led by Amy Paek. She had 3 steals and 6 points to start the game. North never looked back and sailed to a 44-20 win! The player of the game goes to Ginny Hall with 8 points and numerous rebounds! North’s B team improves to 4-1 in district play!

Following was the A team game. North came out to play, but West was just as ready with their quick playing point guard. After the first quarter North was up 12-8. However, North’s defense tightened up and took a commanding lead going into the 4th quarter. North went into the fourth with a 36-12 lead and never looked back. North takes home the win 38-24! The Players of the Game go to Brooke Felix with 14 points and Meenakshi Muresh with her crazy pressure defense.

Your 7th grade teams were home this week and ready to defend their home court. Up first were the C teams, excited to play one of the other Coppell Middle Schools- West! Your girls started the night strong, leading 17-8 in the first half! They were warmed up now, ready to finish with a win. In the second half your C team won 30-13- continuing their winning streak! Player of the game for the C team was Madaline Wilson. She was our MVP on defense tonight, not letting any girl drive to the basket without a fight! I am so proud of you Maddie, you have grown so much in your basketball skills!
Next up were the B teams, ready to secure another win! B team knew what they were doing, and fought hard to secure a strong lead in the first half. By half time, they were leading 19-2! In the second half, B team did not slow down and won 35-4! Player of the game for B team was Tyler Trujilio. She was our high scorer with 9 points and played a confident game. She was aggressive and knew where she needed to be to help secure a win! Way to go Ty!
Last up were the A teams, prepared to secure another clean sweep. In the first half, A team was leading 14-4 and putting up a tough fight against West. In the second half, your girls secured the clean sweep 34-12. This game was the most aggressive game I have seen these girls play! Both teams were fast and put up a tough fight- way to go A team! Player of the game this week was Addison Hamm. Addison is a consistent player on the court. She led her team well scoring 8 points and constantly stealing the ball. I do not think this girl ever came out of the game!! Way to go Hamm!