Coppell North Middle School Athletics


Cougar Volleyball sweeps the Wranglers!


North Athletics | 9/15/2023

7th grade:
First up were the B teams and in an exhilarating display of athleticism and teamwork, the Coppell North Cougars triumphed over their rivals, the Coppell West Wranglers, in a thrilling volleyball showdown that unfolded in just two swift sets. The Cougars dominated the first set with a commanding score of 25-11, showcasing their impeccable serving and solid defense. The second set, however, saw the Wranglers putting up a spirited fight, closing the gap to 25-22, but the Cougars held their ground to secure a resounding victory, leaving no doubt about their prowess on the court. This electrifying match not only showcased the Cougars' volleyball prowess but also exemplified the spirit of competition and sportsmanship that defines high school athletics in Coppell. The player of the game goes to Lyla Gerlach.

In a thrilling volleyball showdown, the Coppell North Cougars A team emerged victorious over their cross-town rivals, the Coppell West Wranglers, in a stunning display of skill and determination. The Cougars dominated the court, sealing their triumph with two consecutive sets, with scores of 25-23 and 25-16. It was a remarkable performance that showcased the Cougars' teamwork, precision, and unwavering spirit, leaving their fans cheering in celebration of this impressive victory. The player of the game goes to Olivia Anene.

In an electrifying volleyball clash, the Coppell North Cougars C team emerged triumphant against their fierce competitors, the Coppell West Wranglers, securing victory with a remarkable display of skill and teamwork. The Cougars asserted their dominance with two consecutive sets, closing the first set at 25-20 and sealing the deal with a commanding 25-16 finish in the second. Their impressive performance left spectators in awe of their precision and determination, marking a memorable win for the Cougars in this intense matchup. The player of the game goes to Eliana Hayashi.

8th grade:

Last night, the C team won their first district match in 2 sets against Coppell West (25-10, 25-14). Our libero, Yena Chae had 8 passes, 2 back row attacks, 9 serves in the 2 sets. Caroline Ortuzar contributed 6 serves and 1 kill. Varsha Pazhayidathu earned player of the game with 9 serves, 8 assists and 1 block. Her leadership and aggressive play was a key component to our success last night!

The B team held their own last night winning in 2 sets and moving to a 2-0 record in district play. Fabi Figueroa had a grand total of 13 serves and 9 passes in the first set! That means she pulled in over 50% of the points we earned! Narmin Azim’s passing game was on point with 14 passes and 9 serves between the two sets. Our player of the game is Faith Law, who led the team with 10 serves, 6 kills, 7 passes and 10 assists.

The A team advanced their district record to 2-0 with a 2 set match win against the Wranglers (25-15, 25-16). Addison Hamm contributed 6 points in the second set with her consistent serves and Emily Miessner stepped up in her setter role with a game winning assist. Zoey Ponsen is awarded player of the game with a 90% passing rate, 100% from the serving line (13/13), countless assists and securing the match point with her 7th kill of the evening.